Türeci Group | Quantum Engineering

Artist's rendition of a two-dimensional Josephson Junction Array (image credit: Kanu Sinha)
We are an interdisciplinary group of theoretical physicists carrying out research at the intersection of quantum optics, quantum information science, condensed matter physics, photonics and lasers. Research in our group broadly revolves around the non-equilibrium dynamics in classical and quantum collective systems as realized in optical and microwave platforms. Much of our recent work is inspired by the possibilities offered by experimementally accessible phenomena in near-term devices for computing.
Our team also develops and maintains powerful computational tools for modeling lasers and exciton-polariton systems (SALT, the Steady-state Ab-initio Laser Theory, and CFTD, the Constant-Flux Time-Domain solver) and quantum electrodynamical modeling of solid-state quantum optical systems (HL-QED, the Heisenberg-Langevin QED quantum circuit solver).